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ACS Show # 5

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Show # 5 “ Showboats” Some favorite boat show displays.
1. “Sham-a-lama” Buy a classic car for your classic boat.
2. “Rocket Man” Steve “Traveled to Arkansas” for the motor.
3. “Happiness” A true survivor boat story of a family boat.
4. “Carlson/Glastron” Dale’s very fast production survivor boat.
5. “Homelite 55” The best use of a weird little English car motor.
6. “Works of Art” Some of the Joe Wallace glass collection.
7. “Bee Line” Ron Sears inspires a certain amount of envy.
8. “Supreme Spitfire” Perhaps the greatest cream puff of all time.
9. “The Resorter” Dave and his inboard hybrid by Century.
10. “Aluminescence” Some aluminum showboats.

You will get a MP4 (717MB) file