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"Carson Donnell, Prairie Artist" eBook

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Carson Donnell was a classically trained artist who decided to return to the old family farm property where he was raised.   He proceeded to convert the historic grist barn his Grandfather had built into an artist's studio.. complete with a large North light and master's easel.  The barn walls made an excellent gallery which attracted visitors from all over the country.  Primarily a post-impressionist era landscape painter, he was famous for his affordable, small hand-carved block prints that depicted historic landmarks. Carson’s process was variable, depending on the size and scope of the work he was planning.. a seven dollar quickie oil sketch or a museum quality large landscape. There was a lot more than talent in his work, without knowing him, it’s obvious that he was meditative, methodical, creative and truly inspired by his environment.
28 pages,  Full Color, 91mb
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